Mattermost Self-Hosted Admin Training | Academy

Learn how to deploy, configure, upgrade, and monitor the performance of a self-hosted Mattermost instance to empower your teams to focus on mission-critical work. Learn tips, recommendations, and best practices for database and file storage.

This training is for you if you’re interested in learning how to deploy, configure, and upgrade a self-hosted Mattermost instance for secure collaboration that empower you to focus on mission-critical work.

  • Deploy your own self-hosted Mattermost instance using a tarball: Learn how to deploy and upgrade your own Mattermost self-hosted instance with full self-sovereign infrastructure and complete service control.
  • Configure your self-hosted Mattermost server: Learn about our best practices and recommendations on configuring your self-hosted Mattermost database and file storage.
  • Manage performance: Learn about our tips, best practices, and recommendations to ensure your self-hosted Mattermost deployment is performant.
  • Manage access: Learn how to manage user access with Mattermost roles and permissions to ensure that your users have the access they need.